Keepin’ it real

If you'd like to know more about the Founder of DigitalRupix and the things we care about (other than our customers), please read the Alumni Spotlight Interview between Salesforce and Digital Rupix CEO and Founder Elliot Moore.


(Ir)regular maintenance

A Serrated Hex Wrench is a funny tool. You know it - it’s that tiny metal screwdriver you use and then immediately lose after assembling furniture (stay with me here).

That was like us – a one-and-done shop, hunting for net-new implementations every month. It’s where the money was (…still is actually) but we noticed something. We’d wrap and roll-off a project but keep getting emails. Folks still wanted our help, wanted us to stick around. We resisted at first (commitment issues) but saw clearly that much of the best work happened after the work when scars informed process, not ideas.
Being around for these pop-up touches and knowing your history and people meant a remarkable difference in speed and quality of delivery. We accidented upon a model of delight that led to rewarding, years-long, trusted relationships.   We love those
Look, we know better than believe we’d ever replace your entire team of Salesforce specialists. We’re far too lean (and pricey) to handle every-single one of your daily Salesforce needs. We’re here for focused, dedicated attention how your team needs it. That “how” is different for each client - could be a security question, a misbehaving Flow or an urgent data rollback. Or maybe all those bases are covered but you don’t have the Apex Ninjas to build (or fix) your custom lightning widgets and Visualforce f*ckups.
Don’t have the time or experience to fix an issue
(We won’t tell) Bring um here! We take your midnight panic calls, your “HOW DO I STOP THIS?!” bat signal,  those, “I’ve tried everything but…” Slack alerts. Sometimes it’s just nice to know that someone out there has your back. And we do.

We’re kinda like insurance for really expensive furniture, if insurance showed up with their own hex-wrench and also remembered your birthday.